Josephine County Veteran Services

Thank you for your service and welcome home to Josephine County Veteran Service Offices!

As part of statewide partnership between the state and counties, Veteran Service Officers across Oregon assist veterans when fileing claims for service-connected disabilities and regularly help veterans and their families learn about other benefits  they may be eligible for. VSO’s are knowledgeable about the many resources available within the state and can usually find help and solutions to issues that you may be facing including:

  • Disability Compensation and Pensions
  • Health Care and Long Term Care Benefits
  • Conservatorship Services
  • Burial and Cemetery Benefits
  • Auto, Adaptive and Clothing Allowances
  • Home Loan and Housing Benefits
  • Education and Employment Benefits
  • Recreational Benefits in Oregon
  • Emergency and Homeless Resources
  • Other Oregon Veteran Benefits

Each year, the Federal VA publishes an annual benefits report, which documents each state’s success in obtaining disability compensation and pension for its veterans. In 2011 Oregon was ranked number seven in the nation for the amount of disability compensation it obtains on average for its veterans. Oregon has been in the top 10 category for more than a decade.  Oregon is considered a model state for its veteran advocacy program.

Whether you are looking for federal, state or local resource and benefits, you will find a wealth of information on this site.  And if you still have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to call us at 541-474-5454.


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